Recently Completed:

Naomi Witters Licensed Massage Therapist

Cleary’s Landscaping and Lawn Services

Northeast VIP Professional Luxury Transportation

Make Divorce Easy

Your Bar or Restaurant


Previous Projects:

Portfolio – Old Website Versions Before They Were Updated


Adirondack Bars

Adirondack Electric

Bill Bradley Junk Removal

Crash Causation

( Owner Passed Away )

Elvis Fest Lake George

( Retired )


( Owners Retired )

Fiddler On The Roof Chimney Sweep

Gin Mills

( retired )

Glens Falls Bars

Glens Falls Website Design

Hats Off To Saratoga

( coming 2020 )

Hot Air Daily

(  retired  )

I Met God She’s Black

( sold domain )

Lake George Bars

Local Website Design

Metroland Bars

( under construction )


( Owner Passed Away )


( gone but not forgotten )

Northeast Corner Herb Farm

Palm Coast Bars

( coming 2020 )

Saratoga Bars

Saratoga Suckers

( due for an update )

St. Augustine Bars

( coming 2020 )

Upstate New York Entertainment Network

( under construction )

Video Moguls

( coming 2020 )

VM Choppy & Sons LLC

Witters Construction


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